Master builders

When my daughter is given a set of Lego there is a creative battle in the house. Her mother (me!) never wants to follow any instructions to build what is showed on the box...and Lego doll's hair may be replaced with horse's tail. People with that mindset are called in Lego movie "master builders" as they build from their imagination, heart and passion rather than instructions. Are you one of them? Visual art is watched outside but comes from inside. The process requires a journey from what is deeply rooted in imagination to what we can actually see- colours, shapes, lines, the whole visual aspect. Making art that becomes your healing process is really about what is going on in your mind rather than what comes out. If you treat your creative process as something personal and having impact on your mental state, then start the journey from that direct source- your mind. Become the master builder...

Looking at inspiring art created by others is a great start for your inspiration as well as...a blockage. What somebody created uniquely from their mind and heart and looks great may not be yours heart's language. Creating from inside may became difficult for few reasons. Firstly it is difficult to accept that what comes out is not extremely popular or even likable by ourselves, not mentioning others. However creating something that is not aligned with inner self is forcing and eventually ends up in faking. Many people would follow strictly other's styles, workshops, art instructions because they are inspired by that artist's creations and want to connect with the beauty. It is quickly forgotten that re-creating somebody's else beauty is not letting your own beauty shine. Somebody's else art is breathtaking because it has been created from the heart of that person and any attempt to follow step by step instructions is going to end up in creating just a mere copy. There is that thin line when taking lessons, between coping and being inspired. There is no doubt that any form of workshop brings something new into your creative process but it is difficult to see the difference between following and being inspired. Maybe that explains why I struggle to follow Lego instructions for kids, never read any and have an allergy to coping anything. Probably that is the reason I never produced any "instructions or tutorials" about art journaling. There are inspirational clips and sharing the process for inspiration but no lesson like structure.

I think some of us just need to be authentic to their own way and voice till the last drop of creativity. If art and creating equals communication with inner self then there is a massive need for doing what your mind tells you regardless of if it's trendy or not. There is a massive movement in creativity with emphasis on end result. Questioning and validating if the rules of "good art" are maintained, composition, balance, colour etc. There is no doubt that knowledge of those aspects make it possible to create with more confidence and freedom. However as Dina Wakley said in her "Journal Freedom" book- you should know those rules to be able to break them! Taking creative process to the level of using it as a very personal process, communication tool between inner and outer self, varies so much from creating art purely for sale, galleries, shows and mainstream of perception. Starting from your mind you take a brave and beautiful journey that visually may surprise you and not always be acceptable by others. At the same time that journey is authentic and unique. Let's go!

P.S By the way I really respect people who can follow Lego instructions...;) If you have or know a child that do not follow Lego instructions please do not worry about it...


Wishing you a master building week!



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