Behind the journals- new series of clips!

Tempted for a while I finally decided to create new series of inspirational clips devoted to looking what emotions and states of mind drive the process of art journaling. Those clips are much shorted than Subconscious Collage project and are meant to play a role of "inspiration injections". I am planning also to produce those more often and build new series. Here are some questions and answers that may explain more about this idea:



How are the clips available? All clips are uploaded to my You Tube channel and are free:)

What is the reason for those new clips? I am slowy moving more into direction of exploring healing and mind transforming role of expressive art and trying to look closer at that subject. It also meant to be a quick but strong shot of inspiration for art journalers.

What are the clips about? All clips are looking closer on what is going on behind the journals- in our mind and heart. You know what the clip is about by looking at its title.

What is the format of the clips? They are divided into a form of "inner dialogue" and followed by pages showcase. I just wanted to do art journal flip but in my own, twisted way;)


Here comes the first clip "Emotional release"- how art journaling is letting the things to come out, clear the mind, breath your soul out ...

Let me know if you like it! (on Facebook, in comments or in our Facebook group)


Wishing you inspirational watching!




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