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Art journaling and your approach to it is like a life journey- it keeps changing, developing and growing as you do. That is the magic of this visual form of art- it is so close to human expression and need to connect with inner world that is able to take you to new places of your own personality. The process may be not straight forward, often difficult and full of disappointment, but by the end of day you get a priceless reward in a form of seeing your own ego and being able to overcome it. I am not such a master yet, far away from that but I am definitely trying to steer in that direction. Hence the reason my art journaling process is becoming slower and more complex. Here is the last week adventure...

There are few things I changed in the way I interact with art journal that made the process more personal and took it into the level of self-discovery. I made also adjustments to my mental expectations, let them go, trusting more creativity than reality... In the gallery below you have a chance to see the progress of building the page spread of an altered book. It took me 2 days not because of complicated process of layering but I had to walk away and trust my instinct telling me "leave it, do not force it". Here is a short description how the process is different and in result there are less pages created by myself due to its timing nature involved but for me personaly this is all about it- growing as a creative person, listening more and trusting art to give you the answers.  

  • I used to finish at journal page during one session- I do not any more or it happens very rarely. Why? Purely because I am engaging with the process more and wait for some part of pages to develop over the time. It is not about the lack of inspiration but about sacred communication. What I can not see today will reveal tomorrow. Some layers may have to be stripped off to create space- space for something new.
  • I introduced more layering and taking layers off- this is a very new to my former approach. But by letting the image to be damaged, taken away we mentally let go. Attachement is broken, there is freedom for creativity to flow.
  • I started using my old journal pages in my art. I tear them apart and incorporate into the page. Scary? Yes often but how freeing at the same time!
  • I started loving to work in books with images-altering them and playing around with what is there already. Still being able to add collage into that- it gives more room for imagination, possibilities of creative madness!

If that slower and deeper art journaling is something you feel in your heart-give it a go. Create beyond expectations and yourself! Even if you normally do "pretty" pages try this different approach just for a while. It may take you to unexpected places of your inner self...

There is also a Facebook group devoted to that type of art and created by an amazing artist Anne-Marie van Eck. The group is called (HE)ART journaling/mixed media and as per Anne-Marie words "(HE) Art journaling is about creating from your heart. The process. Not EGO, controlling the outcome, or striving for perfection is the guideline. The need to let your inner voice speak through ART. It s about being mindful. Mindful art journaling/mixed media". Join the group if you would like to explore you creative connection with art and its process.


Wishing you self-discovery creativity this week!




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