Failing Creatively

 Failure- not so much popular subject is it? Not many posts on social media of our creative failures, attempts that do not lead anyway or turn out to be something totally different. Creative failure- does it exist? How can we redefine the failure to actually incorporate it into a creative process? First of all try to say and imagine the expression "failure" without the negative connotation. Can you? Why is our mind so resistant to understand and accept failure? Is that because failure equals rejection? Rejection of what? Self-worth, self-importance or maybe it defines us  in the way we do not like to show? Let's fail creatively!

Creativity attempts in any form will involve the moment of big fail. You try then do not succeed and it is painful- very painful. Mainly because you are double judged. Firstly by your own expectations and secondly by external perceptions. But it's not a lack of failure that defines you- it is the way how you approach it. There is no progress, growth or development without failure. Simply there is not. Doubts, struggles, looking back, rejection and all that is a necessary element of the creative process. The same for our life- failure is the never leaving friend of many life aspects.Without failure there is no lesson learnt and no going beyond limitations. Equally fear of failure and pain connected with it can stop any attempts for self-growth. Is the failure really a failure? It all depends how we understand failure and definition of it. Also depends how we define the success. If you get rid of negative meaning of failure and treat it as "one form many attempts towards the desired destination “ then it creates a different understanding. We are on the journey where small steps may have many forms. We may do things without the final/desired outcome just to be able to understand and improve. In creativity the approach to failure has a big impact on your ability to move on. Without acceptance there is going to be a hard time of creating fear and eventually it may result in a blockage or even stopping creating. Failure is a part of creativity, teacher of improvement and an ultimate point of understanding many life aspects in general.

Here are some tips for your art pursuits to introduce a different approach to failure and the negative aspect it may create:


  • Look at the journal page that you do not like- share it in our FB group- non-judgmental, just acceptance place to share (Subconscious collage group -click here, (HE)Art Journaling group-click here). How failure makes you feel?
  • Painting you are not proud of? Look at this as a stepping stone- something you need to get where you want, it is all about baby steps and those steps are not about perfection but trying.
  • Create despite feeling that you constantly are failing. Put away pages and creation you not happy about- do not judge them. Maybe collect them in one place or build a "Big Failure" journal. There are here for the progress not the display either exhibition.
  • Create more often till you get mentally to the point you do not care about result so much anymore. It may takes days or weeks but keep doing it. There will be a moment you just start laughing at yourself, let the pressure go and...surprise yourself with your creativity! 


Wishing you creatively failing week!



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