Ave Art in England!

I am more than thrilled to let you know that Anne-Marie van Eck will be bringing her art workshops to England. We combined our strengths together and prepared for you collaborative project! So all who complained about her not coming to UK please now stay quiet! It will be my small debut in the world of group workshops so I am very excited too...and all to be happening in my local area, close to where I live so feels like a dream!


Details are on the picture but if you need any help with more practical side of life like finding accommodation, travel arrangements, local info etc please let me know and I will help. The train from central London takes only 50 minutes to the town Wellingborough and from there it is around 8 miles trip to the village.

The workshop is going to be based in Chelveston village- East Northamptonshire. This is a beautiful countryside area that will serve us as the place for creative exploration, art journal digging and more mixed media adventures. You will get full 3 days with collaborating artists so there is going to be lots of fun! This is going to be time and place where creative process takes over, where creativity flourish without limits and there will be no conventional approach! So it is going to be awesome! :) What an adventure!


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