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Recently my thoughts  got directed towards the dilemma of creative life. All the confusion around the term as well as preconceptions and assumptions. We live in the world of definitions, life concepts and in constant search for ultimate solutions. Those who happen to be creatives are faced with the demand of defying their "point of existence"-what, why and how they create- how do they make this creativity a
lifehood? And here starts the never ending discussion about how we are meant to be having this creative life. But what if creativity is actually taking its own independent stroll towards something not being defined by socially approved concepts?

There are  few popular myths about creative life that can get you a bit lost on this complicated journey. Let's have a look:

1. You need to sell your artwork or make constant money or make it your full time career- making money is a must! Sell. Make a class, make more, leave the day job- all seems to be a part of a lucid dream of the creatives. But there is another aspect that just few people are willing to point out- the price are being paid for that kind of choice. It is a big paradox really. The fully creative life that the dream is built on meant to give you financial freedom but can actually take the creative freedom away. Not only because of creating under the financial pressure or on demand but more importantly- the freedom of sacred connection between the artist self-exploring and her/his art is broken. Broken heavy by moulding it all according to what can provide the gratification. What can sell and how. Naturally it is all not just so bad. There are great creatives who are able to produce unique and authentic art and at the same time generate lovely income. That is great but the possibility of the mentioned trap still is there and is very often the case.

2. You need to specialise in one form of art- really, said who? Maybe if you are a traditional fine art artist chasing galleries- then it could be your route. But why would you limit your own fun in exploring mediums and your interaction with them? This is not the "perfection only" chase but living with creativity in all possible forms.

3. You need a formal education-what about self determination and admiration for that? How about all those self-taught people who sat in front of canvas and books after day long jobs and were pulling their last strengths to be able to learn? Aren't their effort also important as well as academic titles? Who knows who put more effort into self-learning?

4. You need to buy expensive art supplies to produce quality art. It all again is very dependant on what do you mean by "quality". It is equals just the expensive final piece then probably yes but if a real quality equals authentic engagement into the art process and the way it affects both the creator and the receiver-then there is no need for top range supplies.

5. Your art must look "pretty", realistic- being part of the mainstream and well approved mass media "likes". That can take us back to the existential question of "what is art" and neverending argument. Lots of people are searching for a pleasant visual experience to say it is art. But how about artists like Francis Bacon? There is a very little pleasant "happy" experience when you look at his distorted images- but this IS art! He found his unique creative voice and followed it. Simple is that.  Once I was told by somebody close to "paint happy" but I do not- this is not where the art is calling me and being authentic is one of my core values that I am not compromising on. The link between art, creativity and authenticity is in my personal opinion a strong component of true ART.

There will be much more challenges and myths on your own path. You may experience questioning yourself and painful external judgement. You may found yourself pursuing something that with time happens to be not your own dream, you may want to stop creating, finish with it all, being hurt. But trust me- wait and...keep creating, listen to yourself even if it seems that nobody else is listening. There is always art listening and the precious gift of being authentic shall never be lost. Living creative life is about listening to yourself and the universe, keep creating from within not on external demand. Being able to fail in order to growth, not in order to be approved and praised. Let your ego go away and just be in the moment with self-creativity on your shoulder. What you really need is being brave enough to show up to your art, share your experience and trust your inner voice and self-creativity!



End of!
Have a great, a bit rebellious week!


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