I love to smell pencils...

I smell pencils- yes that is true. When the metal box is open I am not able to control myself- the old fashion mixture of a graphite and wood can awake so much in my mind. A big part is the childhood memories- wooden pencils were a desirable object in communistic Poland before 1989. Kids cherished the box of pencils like a treasure of the highest level. There are lots of other crazy things I do around my creative interests but they are all not socially damaging I suppose...At least that is what I like to think! All my reflexion about some of those crazy (or just perfectly normal behaviours) came to mind when I explored the subject of...oil painting. Why? because I came across a very "serious" art page. You know so serious that I almost died of instant boredom and went to autopilot "I am reading but I do not know what I am reading anyway". It just dawned on me that creativity does not always equal art but at the same time there is no fascinating art without true creativity...

Returning to that serious website about oil painting- the teacher was very professional and put lots of long, detailed videos about the techniques. And I have to say I was lucky enough to click one of those videos where he explained all about the purpose of that on line course. He simply explained that learning painting is just a technique -nothing else and that he is able to teach a realistic painting anyone (hey that is a good news right?). He continued about the concept of  "talent" and how it is overrated word as it is all down to the technique and following step by step instructions. So the mystery sorted- people follow step by step instructions and paint! (I still found it a bit hard to believe as all sounded like sugar coated painting by numbers procedure - but hey ho what do I know!). That is all great and fine with those who want to do it. But here came my reflection on smelling pencils and other things. I am from a different breed (and I know now there are some of you out there too!). I crave creativity - in any form, creating from nothing, mixing images and concepts to express, and then dig deeper to express more. Reality doesn't interest me, reality is just a mere cover for what art can explore beneath it. Creativity is the state of mind, it is not step by step instruction. But I do agree that it is not gifted to the special one-we all have it just in different forms. Sadly some people will never discover it due to society not approving or encouraging it. Smelling pencils, paint, getting excited about what gonna happen next, what will be created... is so much more than following step by step instructions to finally produce the best depiction of reality. Why would I go into reality when art let me go beyond it? Of course nothing wrong with those masterpieces-beautiful and mastered to perfection realism in art in any form- from drawing to sculpture is something to appreciate. At the same time let do not limit what is out there. So I rather stick to my odd behaviours and still cherish creativity- its madness, excitement, state of total flow when time and space simply disappear. There are no limits to creativity and its forms.

 So please give yourself permission for immersing into creativity, whatever shape it takes- from visual art to poetry and dance. Let this wave to flow through your mind and soul without any restrictions and worries about the outcome. Creativity is a natural force we were born with, it does not exclude anyone because of lack of perfection.


You can just smell your pencils and go for it!


Wishing you a madly creative time!




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