Maitaining the creative connection

Creativity comes and goes...the muse never really belongs to us for long periods of time. However we keep creating and asking for her, if no response we shout and wait...And we wait and wait as her asbsence is prolonged. After quite few conversations with various artist I noticed that we know so little about the period of let's call it "quiet creativity". Those moments that some call tortures, other just lack of inspiration. But if we just look at that from a different angle we can actually start kind of enjoying those less or zero productivity moments... The first and simple rule is "stop comparing with others"!

 Stop comparing because it is simply irrelevant. The circle of creativity doesn't meet all creators at the same time and place! When you are creating at your peak, somebody else is merely being able to get out of bed. Also when you feel like it all just simply finished for you forever somebody else somewhere out there is working on the masterpiece of their life. And that is how it goes. there are no rules, no fair amount of time and moments of creativity we all get. Some will be richer, some will be poorer...simple is that. However if you would like to cultivate your creativity on more "suistanble2 level, kind of always trying to be there, then you need to nourish it when it seems that it left you. Those moments when you feel like there is a blockage, when you struggle to pick up a pen, when opening a journal seems be impossible. Those are the moments of big importance! Exactly then you need first being kind and gentle to yourself, secondly you try to maintain the creative connection. By simply still creating, anything- a line, a dot, few sentences. Try not to judge your work, do not compare, do not justify. Leave the questions "why, how, what for" from that stage. all you need to do is simply be and create. The rest doesn't matter at that point. That work is not going into the gallery, those words are not going to be published and those speeches are not going to hit crowds at TEDx conference! But it is your act of bravery and commitment. Commitment to the gift of creativity you were given, your voice of saying "I am here and I am ready even if it takes time!". You also are trying to keep the spark, to understand that not all your work going to be the best and that is OK. By being here and creating you are still in a magical circle of creativity and when time comes there maybe be better time for you!


Wishing you maintain the creative connection this week!


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