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It is almost 2 years since I put the concept of "artlysing"in the form of a blog. "Artlysing" built from two words "art" and "lysing" where the last one comes from "analysing". So it refers to seeing, understanding (or maybe rather the mere attempt of it) life, ourselves through the lenses of art. How art can become the communicator to its own creator? How the roles are somehow reversed? I truly believe that expressive arts have a capacity to take us on this unbelievable journey, to the land where subconscious can be manifested, unknown declared and process of creating becoming profound time of humanity going beyond its own limitations. When we create we can just open up and listen...listen to your own art instead of dictating it what it meant to be...Then the magic happens...

This year I started working with people who I help to re-discover the power of their own creativity. Being the witness of how things are unfolding for them during their own creative process, how they are left speechless by their own creations, how they break barriers of fear and create anyway, it is something very difficult to explain here in words. It must be felt, seen, witnessed with its own incredible intensity, transformative power and it leaves you in big awe every time over and over again. They become art listeners in that very moment when they trust and let it happen. They suddenly discover new communication that was always there but forgotten and it all makes the healing process possible to happen. Many of those people come with acquired fear of arts. They hold stories of being criticised for creating in a certain way, stories of being hurt by art teacher's comments and their personal longing for art they started believing they were never going to reach. It makes me sad to see how many people of variety of age are being diverted or discouraged in their life from exploring self-creativity. Unfortunately it still happens. However they are sitting there with me in a room and we set off  for a quest and adventure of exploration. We start creating anyway. Sometimes fear and hesitation is in the way, sometimes the road is more bumpy than we expected but things progress as we are there in that very moment. Those people slowly transform from initial disbelief to participation and then they are taken away from me! Swept over by the miracle of their own creative flow, connection of something that was lost years ago, unburied desire to create for the sake of creating. It is a fascinating process to watch how art listeners are being born...

There are few simple guidance principles that I gathered over the years of creating,  that help to understand what being an art listener means. Feel free to ponder a bit on them and maybe even share with a creative friend:

  • You create for pure expression not the outcome. 
  • What matters is what happens during the process and it is all down to creator to get involved and trust the process.
  • Any creation is expression. Any expression is art as it involves the authentic and brave act of turning up and creating.
  • Art is never messed up. It is what it is and acceptance is the key to feel the joy of creativity.
  • Nobody has to understand, interpret or analyse your artwork. You create from the centre of self only known to yourself.
  • Creativity has a very dynamic nature. It goes and comes in waves. One day you may feel very inspired and some times you may struggle to pick up a pencil.
  • Maintaining creative connection in those lack of inspiration periods is crucial too. That involves small acts of creativity just to be present in your own creative cycle at that very moment. 
  • You art created from the place of authenticity has a capability to reveal inner thoughts, subconscious processes and become the healer.

Art listener is a brave choice of authentic approach to your own creative process. It is going mentally beyond expected and outcome orientated that seems be very difficult in modern goal-orientated and consumerism obsessed society. But it is the choice of freedom, shout for deeper connection where we humans are taken on the journey beyond just human's eyes. Here is a short poem trying to catch our longing of returning to the state of authentic connection:








The essence of my belonging


The bone of bold existence


Place where the whispers are born


From uncertainty of unknown.




Becoming scream of loudness


For the place where it all started


Even before we were all born


For the centre of living


For the moment of being


For the time of never lasting


I am longing forever.







Wishing you seeing and feeling all that!


Art listener


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