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Our daily life, what is here on the surface is only a mere part of the whole …The big chunk of our thoughts and mind functions is hidden in subconscious part.

Subconscious part-the one we rarely dig in, deep container of desires, fears and psychological patterns as well as beliefs is the hardest part to access when we are tangled in tasks of mundane life, pulled towards pointless conversations or trying to be the helper of the world.


The simple exercise I am inviting you to try is a combination of colour effect and non-intentional drawing with doodles. It can be done in your journal or just on the piece of any type of paper- recycle old paper bags, cards, newspapers.

I never been a fan of buying books full of doodles called “relaxing” and colouring them - that simply never worked for me. But I have noticed that when I am involved in conversation on the phone or even Skype and there is a paper and pen around I start doodling. Doodling without even looking much at it, without planned visual result. It feels like there is need to move the pen on the paper when I do other thing. That other thing somehow is used as excuse not to focus on my drawing too much. And that is the whole trigger for accessing subconscious!  I doodle my way out, I doodle what is hidden. I doodle beyond. Once conversation is finished I step back and in many cases wonder “why and how I drew this???” Patterns are sometimes complicated, sometimes strangely connected but it is never something I would just sit down and drew with my head being involved.


Recently I took this exercise a bit further and connected with work with colours. Colour as “expressive tool of the mood” is another ingredient building the bridge between subconscious and our ability to tune back to it. and again the simple creative principle of "letting it happen" and trust that we all have creative voice to manifest is making it possible. those coloured doodled pages do not have to be ready for framing up or national publication- they are expression of you, your creative voice in that very moment. It could be collection of very wobbly marks, imperfect lines looking far away from the standards of ideally drawn "relaxing doodles" books. But that is the point- expression happens here and now in that very moment and you can find yourself in a variety of mental presences as you doodle. Try it and see what happens!

The process is straight forward and open to your personal modifications (so this is a guide- not instruction to follow- do your own thing!):

  •  Have a simple notebook or stash od variety of pages that you are happy to use for doodling, place them in accessible place and also keep a pen next to it.
  • Spot time opportunities: doodling is the best when you are partally involved into a different activity so your control and expectation levels drop. Talking on the phone/Skype, watching something on TV where you don't have to concentrate so much or using commercial break.
  • Doodle as you go and let it happen, each doodle creation has endless opportunities to be modified, build up and changed over and over again
  • Try abstract patches doodling in your journal: first apply acrylic paint in random forms and shapes using 2-3 colours. Let it completely dry. Next time you open up the same page look for shapes that have been formed by colour application, start marking, mapping out those shapes and filling them in with doodles. Great fun for uncontrolled and more structure free work. Again use that page for daily doodling like a blank notebook.


Have a great doodling time!


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