It is seriously be creatively playful;)


Some time ago, probably a while ago you were a child happily playing with toys, crayons, sticks or whatever you found in your environment. Maybe you were enjoying splashing in puddles or creating monsters from clay. Whatever you were doing there is one thing- you definitely enjoyed it. But do you remember it? Probably now you do, once you reading it, but in you current life- in the middle of never ending drama of adulthood you forgot. What you truly forgot is not actually the activity but the sense of joyful playfulness it brought into your life. The state of being there, just being without a worry about why/what for/what if. Where is that all gone now?


Some adults simply abandon their time of playfulness, some will try to bring it back through “grown up” forms like alcohol, drugs. Some are not able to tap back into it anymore and just go with the imposed way of living seriously when their heart starts forgetting what playfulness was. Creative, innocent, natural playfulness is a part of human nature. Actually it is a part of bigger nature! Animals play even in adulthood, they teach puppies to play, they get muddy without worrying and chase each other without any objectives.  They maintain this connection regardless of age.

How are we loosing the playfulness?

Language dictates certain behaviours: “don't' be a child”, “Stop playing a fool”- we all heard that, or even maybe said to somebody. the socialisation and way of being brought up affects the decision to reserve playfulness for only young age. Older we become, duller we aim to be- sad fact of reality. 

At my latest “Soulful Expression" workshop I introduced few creative exercises that meant to break the habit of seriousness a bit. What I witnessed really got me thinking and wonder. Wonder so much that I decided to devote another workshop to creative play exclusively! That moment like a bulb seen above the participant’s head, that “aha” moment…It is like awaking something that is there but we totally forgot about it, finding treasure that we were carrying all the time but buried on the bottom of bag full of rubbish so we never got to see it again. Playfulness is natural force, element of human existence that regardless of how long we have not been using it wants to be manifested. Finally playfulness is by nature creative. We play with new ideas, new ways, we look, pick and mix different approaches when we are allowing for playfulness to have its spontaneous moment. Sometimes parents, suddenly after years of fighting for jobs and salaries are faced with a playful child and it makes them stop and wonder. Wonder about that lost treasure. Sometimes it would be a box of crayons that they bought for their child that reminds them old times of joy. All those "random" moments are sparks of playful nature wanting to connect with us again.

There are many advantages of creative playfulness and its purely therapeutic nature:

-Release of happiness hormones and giving the feel good booster.

-Taking back to cheerful memories of childhood play.

-Laughter and its benefits for mind, soul and body.

-Deeper relaxation.

-Increase in abilities to find new solutions and more clarity to many problems.

-Learning to let go and have a healthy perspective to ourselves.


So let's be creatively playful!

Break the pencil, make a whole in the paper today-laugh, draw crazy lines and just let it go!

Wishing you all that!


P.S in Spring 2018 I will be hosting "Awaking creative playfulness" workshop-email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you interested.

Location: Northampton, UK




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