Who do you really belong to

Why do we must create? I do not know but what I know is that I mentally die if I ban myself from creating. It is like breathing for some- the necessary force of lifehood. Creativity is here for me and more I am involved in it more I become aware that it defines my life. It is not like interesting hobby, or maybe joyful evenings activity. It is not "oh nice you paint in your spare time" scenario. I have no spare time actually. I have no time to loose, waste, or spend on meaningless activities of life that are pulling me away from the core of life- ART. 

 Being an artist is not a choice- it becomes necessity of your life at some point once you start understanding that true connection with art is about devotion. Devotion to this muse of uncertainty, pain and joy at the same time and simply relaying on uncertainity. But with all that there is joy too. Joy of feeling freedom to exist, freedom to create and that can keep you excited all the time! A while ago I said that true involvement with art is like a personal development course. Now I would say it is a life long marriage when you accept difficulties as well as peak moments of happiness. You simply know this is for life and you do not see other way. You are born to do and whatever else you touch cannot compare to what art gives you. Why do we create then? Is it a form of  some kind of addiction as some say? I feel it is more about destiny that is somehow manifesting in your life and doesn't go away till it is connected with you. The wholeness of existence, your consciousness and unconsciousness are only fully formed once expressed through art. Art in any form. When I see any kind of art I am drawn to it like a magnet. It could be music, dance, colour, line, graphic, painting, drawing... I simply only feel alive when my language is an art language- like being bilingual was not enough! This third language  feels like the real mother tongue language to me. The language of art let me express what is not expressed with words and what I am not able to express otherwise. The language of art is clear and understandable- sometimes by looking at art piece in seconds I experience the waves of emotions and memories so deep that I didn't suspect existed. Art can tap into my deep soul and find lost places, uncover hidden treasures and give the feeling of total peace.

So sometimes there is nothing else you can do than simply accept you are an artist. Without worries about proper education, experience or background. If it is art making you rather than you making art then there is clear vision- you are an artist! And let it be!


Mermaids go back to sea

Artist go back to art

You belong to ART



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