Creative act and power of freedom


What is an act of creating? How would you define it? Beyond the concept of art, on general perspective, act of creation is making things happen, making something from something else, making choice what and how to create. There is not a single act of creativity without freedom. Freedom is streaming through creativity like its constant companion and condition for things to happen. We need to feel free to choose what and how to create to have the sense of creativity being worth an effort. We need freedom to create and be free to create truly-that strong however simple realisation came to my mind recently after delivering expressive arts therapeutic session to dementia patients.

 How can you create with people who suffer from dementia somebody may be wondering- when they forget why they are there, do not recognise you, are full of confusion and fear. Dementia takes away whole YOU- not just memory or cognitive functions- it takes your identity, control over emotions and much more. However I notice during a very gentle expressive arts session that was built around exploration of colour, texture and pattern, that there are spark moments. Moments when joy of interaction with visual aspect is awaken. It could be a piece of fabric, lace, or just colour that is somehow able to draw that attention back- much more that presence of another human being. How fascinating and how powerful! Art is stronger that us humans and with no doubt able to touch humans on a very deep level.

Creating from a variety of materials also brought another aspect of revelation to me during session with  seniors. Their capacity was much about the possibility of choice- simple act picking up the piece of fabric or choosing the colour- there is that forgotten freedom! For those moments people are having ownership back- they become creators of their own piece, they are given the freedom to choose what they like, what speaks to their hearts and express it in visual language. I never forget the spark in in their eyes once they are told to pick up what they like from colours and pieces of paper. Like "Really? Can I choose? Wow!" Creativity is all about us humans being able to be the creators- get the smell and taste of excitement of child given materials to create. Time is turning a full circle from free to express children to seniors when they tap back into that magic. Magic of creativity and art that is not only healing but simply the essence of being-because freedom of choice makes us alive! And yes we can become alive when don't even remember where we are and what stage of life we are in. And that is true magic-don't you think? 


Wishing you creatively free week!


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