Stay in the zone


There are times in our lives when we simply, without wanting either willing, have to abandon creativity. Life gets tough, life takes over. The problem arises when this period becomes prolonged and we start struggling to actually come back to where we were. Our routines and creative habits are gone and we find it easier to find excuses to stay away from creating rather than going back. Then it takes longer again and we start feeling like nothing is worth creating unless it is good enough and that “good enough” is another obstacle resulting in fear of creating.

 This is some kind of vicious circle we creatives can find ourselves easy swallowed by. Recently I returned to a classic on creative living by Julia Cameron “The Artist Way” and her words on non-compromising when it comes to cultivating creativity. She insists on things and practices like morning pages” that are not optional- they simply must happen. There is also an importance of creating the constant connection and link with creativity, like maintaining that invisible web regardless what.  Knowing all that unfortunately I still fall into a trap- I get periods when I meant to create but I do not and then coming back seems be a bit difficult. I eventually pick up a brush and go back to my own good flow but it can take a while. And that while could have been first of all shorter (why did I wait so long?) and secondly maybe I did not need that gap at all? But how in the madness of daily life we keep the habit of staying connected to creativity? I have been thinking about it for a while and came to conclusion maybe I just need to adjust not only my priorities but also my mind set. If it is not possible to be in my beloved art room with all what I need how can I still maintain that connection? And here came realisation that sometimes in the art world it is good to go back to bare basics. Paper and pencil-that is all. Simple and easy supply that I can carry anywhere and anytime. No space required, no water. Some marvellous art been made with those 2 supplies only, some lifesaving expression and art was created by those who had nothing else just simple and bare supplies.  We do not need excuses, always the best spaces and colours of rainbows to stay within creativity zone. What we need is consistency in creating, believing we need little to make magic and turning up to the muse all the time.




So let’s be simple-let’s create!






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