Saturday, 07 October 2017 16:41

What does it mean to be Art Listener...

It is almost 2 years since I put the concept of "artlysing"in the form of a blog. "Artlysing" built from two words "art" and "lysing" where the last one comes from "analysing". So it refers to seeing, understanding (or maybe rather the mere attempt of it) life, ourselves through the lenses of art. How art can become the communicator to its own creator? How the roles are somehow reversed? I truly believe that expressive arts have a capacity to take us on this unbelievable journey, to the land where subconscious can be manifested, unknown declared and process of creating becoming profound time of humanity going beyond its own limitations. When we create we can just open up and listen...listen to your own art instead of dictating it what it meant to be...Then the magic happens...

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Saturday, 17 June 2017 19:50

Solitude magic

"Without great solitude, no serious work is possible"- Picasso


Creating needs solitude, actually creativity flourish in the state of being around nobody else... In the era of social media sharing obsession, constant accessibility and “knowing all about everybody” I am totally lost and searching for the forgotten magic of solitude. It is a paradox of creative mind to swing between the demand of being “social” and running into the solitude asylum.

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Monday, 21 November 2016 18:01

Art collaboration with a child

I have to confess I am guilty of a solitude indulgence in art. Yes I am that type that locks themselves in a studio for hours and love that sacred intimacy of own creativity. However daily life and some roles we take in life not always support my idea of heaven. Often I try to create when my other duties are off. So preferably when the lovely family is at work or school. So it has not been a surprise that summer school holidays are a bit challenging for appearance of my muse...

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 08:53

Emerging art talk

My core belief is that the creative process is a form of sacred and personal dialogue that takes place between the artist, her/his heart, mind, ego and the miracle of art process. Something so fragile but so strong at the same time. Art process and just the process, is what attracts me in creativity more than the finished product. That moment that is timeless and exists in a different reality, that short glimpse of seeing beyond and truly inwards, listening to silent voice of your heart. Emerging the personal art talk is more what people like to call "therapy" - it is the way of communication and way of functioning- being creatively authentic to yourself...

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Sunday, 07 August 2016 18:42

Creative cycle

I am getting more and more interested in exploration of psychology of creativity and its connection with inner growth as well as self-awareness. For some people creativity is just about "making" art, the painting, the sculpture or whatever form it takes. But for those involved in creativity on regular basis there is something more once they let it take a core centre of their life. There is that power of creative life that goes beyond "making" and affect our cognitive skills. The creativity can teach us to be humble, self-accepting, face the failure and growth- all on regular basis and even at the same time! Creative cycle is the way creativity comes back to us and want us to move on, step outside the comfort zone and learn, learn and learn again...

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Monday, 25 January 2016 19:30

Welcome! I feel grateful you visited!


Hello and welcome to my humble online, creative existence...I hope you find something here worth the time you spend visiting that place. I am a self-proclaimed artist, art journal adventurer, art listener and arty convention shaker. Welcome in my world of pouring the inner self, soul and heart on pages of journals, canvases and many different mixed media forms. 

I discovered the magic of creativity in 2013 when accidentally attended art journaling weekend in one of English villages. I still can remember the very first moment my mind started wondering on blank journal page, seeing and detecting colours, pattern, endless possibilities...Once I covered the page with the layer of gesso there was no way back- my life simly entered new stage with the theme "there is no way back now".

  I feel (yes "feel"- don't "think")that creative process has the power of sacred communication with us. By letting our intuition being the guide we may be able to find answers in form of our own creative process. Fascinated by the fact that art gradually became my private voice, adviser and trust source I came up with the idea of Artlysing- letting art talking to us. Feel free to read more about that concept in Artlysing section.

I live in a small town in heart of England and create in my art room as well as in the garden, toilet, hallways, bedroom and dining table!  You can find me here, on my You Tube channel and on Facebook. Hope you find some inspiration :)

Short list of past and current creative projects as well as qualifications:

  • In January 2016 I started a free project called "Subconscious Collage for Art Journaling"- join on You Tube channel or share your progress via Facebook, closed group-click here. This project finished in July 2016 but all episodes and FB group will stay free forever.
  • New series of short inspirational clips called "Behind the Journals"- exploration of artist mind from the perspective of self-talk, questioning and accepting failure.
  • All available on You Tube channel Artlysing.
  • November 2016 - I am a contributing artist to "Art to heal your soul" project run by Susan Nicolai. Please read this article to find out more:
  •   March 2017 - I produced online workshop "Days go on" for 21 Secrets programme run by Connie Solera from Dirty Footprints Studio.
  • June 2017 - new series "Therapeutic Visual Journaling" starts on You Tube channel 
  • I also run collaborative in person workshop with Ave Art school (Anne-Marie Van Eck) "Colour outside the lines" in September 2017 in England
  • June 2017 I started my pilot project of one to one healing art journaling sessions via Skype- it is very personal and person centred programme with concepts from psychodynamic approach.
  • July 2017 brought me completion of Post level qualification in Therapeutic Use of Creative Arts awarded by Bridging Therapies Consultancy in Cambridgeshire.
  • From September 2017 I became a Tutor of Creative, Expressive Arts for mental health for local council organisation Learn2B. I design and faciliate variety of classes from vision boards about self to healing course exploring intuitive art called "Art Medicine". Every term bring new classes and challenges and currently I also assist with creative writing sessions. I also delivered therapeutic arts sessions with my "Cardboard, image, Expression" project  to psychiatric ward in Berrywood hospital in Northampton.  
  • In November 2017 I qualified as Mental Health First Aider England to be able to provide more comprehensive support during in person classes tailored around emotional wellbeing.
  • Since January 2018 I started delivering project "Creative Lab" to care home and dementia care units.
  • In March 2018 I completed my Award Level 3 in Teaching and Education.
  • In April 2018 I completed Level 2 in Counselling Skills to introduce more person-centred approach to my therapeutic creative sessions in person.



Wishing you Happy Artlysing and if you would like to access any of programmes

or work with me please let me know!


write to me if you like:) -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Sunday, 24 January 2016 19:45

Others and creativity

Creative life is not only about art or creative activities. It is the holistic way of approaching our existence and you are born with that need/hunger/desire for it or not. Living that life can bring you joy but also put on a roller coaster as creativity is not a loyal friend and like to forget about you from time to time leaving on the mercy of misery and pain. Even with that price to pay creatives do not see another option of living like dancing with uncertain creative flow. During last year I have experienced the power of another force that combines with creative life, making it more possible to become richer and lasting experience. Something that we are not able to do on our own but can be sometimes even done by those who have nothing to do with creativity itself. I am talking about the power of support

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Sunday, 17 January 2016 13:28

When convention stops...

So the Subconscious Collage project took off the ground with the Episode 2 "Fear" and we have people from different countries and time zones creating to the tune of their mind. It has been a wonderful experience to have like- minded people who can join this journey of self-discovery. If you want to join here is a link to FB group with all episodes so far and reflective exercises for each subject. But let's just think for a moment why subconscious and art journaling mixture- where is that connection coming from? Is it the nature of art journaling to dig a little bit deeper and how can creativity be subconscious?

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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 15:03

Urban grunge shout

Have you ever created something so unfamiliar to you that wondered why did you do it? It has been happening to me for 6 moths during my art journaling in the biggest art journal format I had. I could not understand why constantly the kind of urban grunge theme was emerging. I don't like cities, its noisy environment and myself choose to live in a small town where its easy to have contact with nature. And here we go - urban style journal pages, like city buildings walls shouting with graffiti...why, why, why? 

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Thursday, 29 October 2015 14:33

Artlysing- what is that about

I believe when we start trusting out intuition through creative process and let art talks to us instead dictating pre-planned outcome we somehow reclaim ourselves, our soul and true self. Convention acquired through years and socialization and external expectations may be blocking that unique connection with true self.Shaking and twisting the conventional approach is like some form of release helping to see beyond the blocks. 


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